Hoo Peninsula local Councillor

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Ron Sands is one of the three local Ward Councillors for the Hoo Peninsular. Ron is working tirelessly to put the people of Hoo, Chattenden, High Halstow, Stoke, St Mary Hoo, Allhallows and Grain first.

Ron is now retired, he was born and lives on the Hoo Peninsula. Ron is proud of his short period of Military Service.

I will promote Local issues and concerns. I will stand up for what matters to us all in the Peninsula ward. Above all, I will fight for what is fair and fight to ensure”

  • a considered approach is taken to building the right housing in the right place.
  • all developers honour financial contributions to the Local Community.
  • the council improve local transport links, schools, health facilities and increase and improve provision for youth activities on the Peninsula.
  • the Peninsula becomes a safer place to live and is policed properly.
  • inconsiderate and unlawful parking is tackled.
  • the Peninsula is kept clean, free from litter and dog mess.
  • help for existing “Community Centres” and funding is secured to establish more.

Contact Ron Sands info@ronsands.co.uk´╗┐