Medway City of culture?

Today the government  announced the launch of the 2025 UK City of Culture Competition. You’ll be aware that Medway Council are entering the race for this prestigious title to take advantage of valuable tourism and economic benefits.

Medway has world class heritage and the potential to become a major cultural destination. It also has international and national protected areas here on the Hoo Peninsula, it’s a unique and stunningly beautiful area. A motion put to a full Medway council to consider attaching the Hoo Peninsula to the Kent Downs AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) supported by the two independent peninsula candidates and Medway Labour Party was in stopped in its tracks by Medway Conservative. The leader of that party and leader of Medway Council  instructed his party to vote against the motion,  stating the Hoo Peninsula has enough protection already,  But it’s not  enough protection to stop his plans to build more than 10000 homes here,  destroying acres grade one agricultural land that has helped fed the nation for hundred of years and on a peninsula that is by his own admission unsustainable.
This could have been a joint campaign for Medway communities and businesses to come together and shape Medway’s future not only as a City of Culture but as the custodians of a world class landscape rich in history and natural heritage with distinctive biodiversity. This should become a major part of Medway’s plan to combat climate change and the ecological emergency in its declaration of a climate emergency.
A chance to even discuss what an ANOB could bring to the Medway towns thwarted! A chances explore the vision of what  the combination of Medway’s  historic, cultural and natural heritage  could have brought to a city of Culture bid, dismissed without a thought.