Medway Cycle and Walking routes

As part of a Walking Infrastructure Plan, Medway would like to know your views on its proposed new walking and cycling routes. These are supposed to help improve and increase the network for people travelling actively in Medway.

There is one cycle route that effects the Hoo peninsula that has already been started, you have seen it being built on the west bound side down Four Elms Hill, its called Route 9

 Route 9 it is proposed to run from Main road in Hoo adjacent to the A228 down Four Elms Hill to the roundabout the left along Welfare Way A228 across the Sans  Pareil roundabout across Berwick Way to Frindsbury Hill and on to Station Road where it links up with the route 10 roundabout.

Medway are asking for your views about Route 9 in a consultation they are running that closes on 3rd March We have already completed the consultation and said that we feel it is in the wrong place for theses reasons.

Go to Medway walking and cycling  consultation

  • It is too close to the A228, probably the most dangerous road in Medway.
  • The route is next to two roads the A228 and A289 with national speed limits.
  • Frindsbury Hill is too narrow to accommodate a cycle lane.

We think that cyclist would be better served by a different  route perhaps along Upchat  road through Upnor and on to station road from there.

Please have you say about Route 9 what ever you think

Please see below the two parts of Route 9 in more detail