AQAP Consultation

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6 Replies to “AQAP Consultation”

  1. We in surrounding villages of the Peninsula have NO AIR QUALITY at present we are breathing Polluted air.
    Please do not build anymore homes on the peninsula, especially next to the National Nightingale Sanctuary at Lodge Hill. The current Medway Council planners will never be forgiven for what you are doing. Wholesale Destruction of the Hoo Peninsula.

  2. I find it just unbelievable that our local air quality is already deemed as being at unsafe levels yet planning permission keeps being granted on the peninsula! Apart from the obvious increased traffic adding to pollution, all the natural remedies are being decreased by decimating the land by building at the same time! The answer is obviously to not build any more houses on the peninsula but why does this not seem the obvious answer to Medway Council?!

  3. With poor air quality comes respiratory problems and with that more pressure on the medical centers on the peninsula. So before building more housing why not plan for more centers as at the moment they are overloaded?
    The only way to reduce the pollution is to reduce the traffic. The Medway Council’s ideas to reduce it are ridiculous and poorly thought through.

  4. We have no increase in infrastructure…same hospital which isn’t big enough now to cope with the population of Medway and surrounding areas it covers…our pollution levels are above and beyond what is safe..and STILL permission is given to build build build in the area. We need green spaces for our general health and our mental health, it is vital that we keep them. Our wildlife needs habitat protection, far too much land which is used for food is being turned over to development, ousting nature in favour of Mammon. By all means build on brown field sites, regenerate, but please do not destroy forever the precious and ever decreasing areas in Medway that remain for our health and enjoyment. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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