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Road , Rail and  Environmental.

 “Save the Hoo Peninsula” has produced  template response to each section for you to use to respond. 

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8 Replies to “Respond to Future Hoo Consultation”

  1. The area around Four Elms Hill is already a cause for concern regarding Air Quality, the council are supposed to be doing something to improve this. However the self serving councillors who are supposed to represent all of Medway answer is to build more houses, more industrial areas increasing traffic and pollution in the Hoo area.

    There is even a proposal to build a leisure centre off of Vicarage Lane, what cretin thought that one up! Our infrastructure cannot cope with this increase, please stop being nimbys and start to fairly look at all areas to satisfy housing needs.

  2. Please no more in Hoo and surrounding areas, we do not have the infrastructure to cope with more housing and all that brings. Doctors, schools, roads and sewage are struggling to cope already. We are losing too many green spaces. Please find somewhere else and leave our countryside alone

  3. Please no more .. beginning to feel suffocated . Realise the need for change but does it have to be this destructive. Moved to Wainscott for a more balanced life … now .. constant traffic .. poor roads .. rubbish town centres and disappearing countryside ..and then let’s build more dwellings !! Why does it always have to be about money and not quality of life ?

  4. The rail station is a big no! Not only will it spoil the village & surrounding areas, they’ll be a county lines drug dealer down from London the day it starts operating.I’ve chosen to live here with my children because of the quiet area out of the town, with open green spaces.. please don’t take them all away for housing that no one can afford.

  5. Please our countryside alone, Hoo, Cliffe, Cliffewoods and surrounding areas. You are destroying what was a lovely community. Instead we have constant traffic, no doctors, little countryside, poor roads. Towns and high streets look a mess, use our money to make medway nice again, protect grren land, farm land and support the people who already live here. Mental health, NHS stretched to the limit. That’s without the destruction of wildlife and their habits.

  6. I used to live at North Street Farm,my Dad was a farmer and my mum was a farm worker as was I,this was a long time ago now,when I visit my sister we like to come to Hoo and the surrounding area. Much to my sadness a lot of the fields and orchards have gone only to be replaced with houses, the soul has gone,and I said I will never go back,Don’t get me wrong things change, but when the heart and soul of a village is gone.Very very sad.

  7. Please leave Hoo and surrounding alone. There are farms and horses and families that like to go for country walks. We cannot handle more capacity of people. We don’t have the amenities or the travel allowances for more people. Destroying our countryside is the worst thing to do.

  8. Please no more in Hoo. It’s getting too much now. The traffic is crazy and as for trying to get to see a doctor., that’s just impossible. We have far too many people here now and couldn’t cope with more houses more people and more cars on the road. Please, please find somewhere else .

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