Four Elms

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Medway currently has four Air Quality Management Areas which exceed the annual objective for nitrogen dioxide (a pollutant present in vehicle exhaust emissions).

The air quality management areas are:

  • Central Medway
  • Pier Road, Gillingham
  • High Street, Rainham
  • Medway Four Elms Hill,

Four Elms Hill was declared a new Air Quality Management Area in October 2017.

We are now in 2019 and predatory development rampant  at Chattenden, Hoo and High Halstow. There is a massive increase in warehousing at Kingsnorth with a reliance on heavy traffic all passing through Four Elms. The Council is now asking residents to help it to solve an air pollution problem the Council themselves have been complicit in creating.

In the meantime those of us that live in or pass through Four Elms continue to be exposed to exhaust emissions from vehicle traffic. The children of Chattenden  and the children of the many new unsuspecting families moving into new homes close to Four Elms are being made to walk to school across this very dangerous major dual carriage way using the now two designated pedestrian crossings right at the epicentre of the air quality management area problem.

The Royal College of Physicians reports that around 40,00people die from pollution each year in the UK.


So what do we demand our council does? 

I believe we should at all cost,


  1. Stop housing development in and around the Air Quality Management Area.


  1. Stop the madness of building a Rural Town at Hoo around and either side of a major dual carriageway.

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4 Replies to “Four Elms”

  1. Absolute planning madness, building on arable farmland, lost and gone forever under concrete, no respect for the countryside.

  2. It’s absolute planing madness to build a town around a dual carriageway with air quality problems that facilitates the only access to an industrial area on the far side of the town.
    Planners at medway advise that if we don’t get this next attempt at our local plan past the inspector, we will likely get local planning taken out of our hands by the government.. I can’t see them doing worse can you?

  3. Totally agree but just cannot see a way of stopping it now 😢 there is already too much here and 4 other developments locally that are just in process . Sad times
    Lots of trees need to be planted and the reasons explained to kids so they don’t destroy them

  4. I totally agree that action is needed by this greedy Council concerning all areas of building around the Hoo area. Enough is enough, Medway Council needs to stand up and be counted

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