Hoo Peninsula AONB

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So, the first shots in the battle to have our Hoo Peninsula recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) by way of my motion to Medway Council was defeated despite fabulous support from Medway Labour Group with wonderful statements from Cllr Vince Maple (Labour leader) and Cllr. Simon Curry, and support from Cllr Mick Pendergast our other Peninsula independent Cllr. The  conservative group voted against the motion, but as I said, just the first shots in our battle.

I have also been working hard on a ‘Peninsula Planning Forum‘ to bring a combined discussion to planning and associated matters that affect us all on the Hoo Peninsula Bringing together Parish Councils and Peninsula stake holder groups to respond to Planning applications in a professional way will mean a collective united voice and begin to give rural residents a real voice. In this time of the seeming overwhelming changes to our villages, I believe we would be stronger and more confident with one voice.

The primary aims of the Peninsula Planning Forum are to provide:

A united response to planning applications that affect the Hoo Peninsula.

A vision for the principles of land use on the Hoo Peninsula 

Analysis of proposed Medway Council Planning Policy for these areas.

Recommendations for sustainable growth  informed by environmental, social and economic drivers.

I have written to Stake holders and  Parish councillors to ask for their views and support.  It is even more important during this Covid emergency and with the restrictions it brings, that a connection and on-going interaction and debate is continued, albeit virtually.

With the approaching Remembrance Sunday when we fall silent in tribute to the fallen of the two world wars and other conflicts, can I gently and respectfully remind all to wear a poppy with pride and give what you can to the British Legion Appeal in memory of those who gave all.

Whilst we remember the fallen, just take a minute or two to also think about those wounded in the service of our country, be it physically or mentally, and for the sacrifices they made that allow us the freedom that we all enjoy.

Ron Sands

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4 Replies to “Hoo Peninsula AONB”

  1. I agree that planning applications should be made, but these should be for improved infrastructure and utility services, for additional medical facilities including care services, dentist, testing centres. A futuristic plan for schools and education for all age groups, recreation and employment.
    What must be controlled is the appalling release of land for predatory developers to build profit making developments without consideration to the environment and communities : Bells Lane in Hoo is a good example of this mis-management of authority.
    Medway Council should engage members of the public and associated officers to have a say on current and future developments to correct the many mistakes being made.
    I fully support Ron Sands and his initiative to respect development in a considered and constructive programme not as currently being executed.

  2. Ron, thank you, keep on fighting for the people living on the Peninsula to have a rural health life – which Medway continues to destroy supporting rich housing developers – pollution is out of control with snakes of traffic along the Peninsula Highway spewing out clouds of ‘particulates’ from diesel fuel causing invisible health problems to residents and their families.

  3. I fully support what you’re trying to do. And I feel that there’s already too much development on the Peninsula. I was born on the Peninsula and I want my Child to raise their family on the Peninsula but, if the Housing continues at this rate. They’ll be no room for Nature, let alone anything else.

  4. Housing will come, but it does need slowing down, so that the infrastructure and amenities can be in place and ready for the additional strain that will be placed on it. Change is inevitable but let’s try to keep a balance between the natural and man-made.

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