The Twenties a Decade of Change

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By Tony Peake
Copyright Tony Peake

The sun has set on 2019 as dawn breaks on a new decade, “The Twenties” a century ago it was dubbed the “Roaring Twenties”, a “Decade of Change”. A 100 years on what are our hopes and aspirations for the future  ??

 A greener, cleaner, brighter and more prosperous future for the Hoo Peninsula within the Greater Thames and Medway Estuaries, undoubtedly an area of outstanding natural raw beauty and deserving of recognition as a National treasure. 

The Twenty Twenties must be a decade of inspiration, of conservation,  and enhancement of this unique Peninsula with its heritage, Special Landscape and  internationally recognised protection.

It must also meet the needs of those who live and work here or visit to explore and enjoy our ancient woodlands starkly beautiful marshland, stunning wildlife and rich estuarine habitat.

we welcome you to be part of this exciting plan, to share your expertise, enthusiasm and love of the countryside Be part of this historical move to safeguard the continued legacy of our unique Peninsula .

Please drop me a note at if you would like to help in any way.

Ron Sands

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One Reply to “The Twenties a Decade of Change”

  1. Hi Ron. I’m fully behind you/support you 100%
    Not sure what I can do to help here. I’ve sent countless emails to both Medway Council and Kelly Tolhurst (before I realised that she’s sort of on our side)
    Medway Council are basically useless. ………Redacted……………….
    Have you thought of speaking to Esther McVey – the Minister for Housing?
    We’re not going to get any help or support from the above fore mentioned, but Ms. McVey might listen? Possibly?
    How do we get your plan – your dream – in the wider-public eye?
    Every time my wife and I walk through the fallow farmers fields from High Halstow to St Mary’s our sense of wonder and beauty gets brutally shoved aside by dread and despondency.
    They want houses – anywhere. They don’t care where or what the consequences will be. It’s all about numbers to them, Ron. Which, of course, you already know.
    Sincerely yours

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