Why the Hoo Peninsula?

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Why  is the Hoo Peninsula not  treated as an equal part of Medway?  Do you get the feeling we are being treated unfairly by our Local authority? Do Medway Councillors look across the water at the  Hoo Peninsula and  see it at as an industrial waste land ripe for development.?

Medway Council have just refused outline planning on the AC Goathams, Pump Lane development in Rainham after 1000s of objections to build 1250 houses.

Medway’s Labour Party said… “A very sensible decision, we need housing in Medway but it’s got to be the right housing in the right place and this proposal was not that” ….. We hope we can rely on the Labour Party for support when  applications come forward for 12,000 houses on the wholly inappropriate Hoo Peninsula Medway’s most internationally protected asset.

MP Kelly Tolhurst said in response to a recent letter from a resident… “I have also been following the Council’s progress with their Local Plan closely, and have been disappointed that they have kept pushing the date when they will release the draft plan as this is integral to shaping our future in Medway. I know that the threat of development hangs over the Peninsula and at a time when we are without a Local Plan, it is important that we continue to come together as a community to fight proposals that will only damage the fabric and environment of our area and strain our local infrastructure and services. I fully agree with your concerns about the existing traffic congestion on the Peninsula and the difficulties this already causes to residents across the area, even without the addition of more homes.”

Medway Cabinet

In the meantime  Medway Council’s Cabinet is keeping the people of the Hoo Peninsula totally  in the dark about its HIF Bid. It is completely unacceptable that Medway Cabinet are pressing ahead with proposals for major transport infrastructure to serve 12,000 new homes on greenfield sites on the Hoo Peninsula without being willing to tell us :-

The environmental impact

The effect of traffic emissions, even though the Four Elms area is an air quality action area.
The location and alignment of the new roads and roundabouts.
Whether they considered the need for new development and infrastructure to be zero carbon by 2050.

Refusal to answer questions

They have refused to answer questions about what they are doing and say they will not tell us until after the deal with Homes England is signed and sealed.
This is entirely contrary to the principles of democratic decision making. The Council’s plans, being cooked up without consultation, behind closed doors, in the town hall will cause immense damge to the rural character of the Hoo Peninsula.  The Cabinet is keeping it secret from those most likely to be most affected by this massive and damaging project. We demand to see a masterplan for the project and it should be shown to the people of Hoo before the Council commits itself to this project.

Four  specific questions for Medway Council

Why has the Council refused to answer the questions asked by HHPC about the  Environmental Impact Assessment?

Why will you not answer questions of the HHPC about  the location and alignment of the proposed new roads and roundabouts?

Why will you not answer questions of HHPC about emissions from the extra  traffic to be generated by the massive new development?

Why has the Council refused to say  whether they took account of the Paris Accord on reaching zero carbon by 2015 in making the  HIF bid ?

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7 Replies to “Why the Hoo Peninsula?”

  1. It is with horror that I have just found out about the proposals for a new road onto the Hoo Peninsular. I live in Higham Road and if this goes ahead it will have a huge detrimental effect upon me, my family and my neighbors. Higham Road is a purely residential street and the building of this junction would send much more traffic down our road. The Council need to consider the following:

    A large number of the residents are elderly and there are also a lot of children living in the street.
    There are already speed bumps along the road and a 20 mph speed limit which a large number of motorists choose to ignore.
    There is already signage at each end of the road that advises that the road is not suitable for HGV vehicles.
    Many cars are parked on the road and this therefore would greatly hinder the progress of any increased traffic.
    There would be a large increase in local pollution. The proposed traffic lights on the junction would mean traffic queuing in Higham Road and raising pollution levels for all local residents. Recent studies have already shown that this is a cause of cancer and respiratory problems. Do the Council want to be held responsible for people dying?
    The construction of the new junction would have a large detrimental impact on all local residents. Would the construction be 24/7? Where will construction vehicles be parked and how will they access the construction site?
    Islingham Farm Road is a rural road that goes close to a couple of properties and also a local Farm. It is not suitable for this type of development.
    Part of the proposed new route would go on an existing military road. Unless the Council know differently the Royal Engineers are not moving and they will continue to move heavy pieces of machinery on and across this road. The road is also subject at present to short notice closure. Is this to change?
    The Council were supposed to have contacted all local residents in my area regarding these proposals in December. No one has ever received this communication. Why is that?

    This junction is not needed. A simple fly over or underpass and additional filter lanes at the Four Elms roundabout would solve all of the problems without the need for any additional roads. The Council should also need to note that during the pandemic the amount of traffic on the Four Elms roundabout has greatly reduced. Peoples work pattens have changed and most experts believe that once the pandemic is over many people will continue to work more from home. The Council therefore need to ask yourselves if any of this (including the railway station) is needed.

    The local residents in Wainscott will do everything they can to fight against these stupid proposals

  2. I have just found out about this, not through Medway Council but social media. I am extremely worried about the impact on where I live and the outstanding area. How can I complain or join this group?

  3. This determination to ignore the impact upon our lives and health by covering the green belt with housing to sell to londoners ( not locals they cant afford them ) will one day bite them. remember when the greedy party thought they could ignore asbestos & racism?. just wait until the injury lawyers start suing for lung disorders caused by greedy dimwits ignoring air pollution. they wont have a leg to stand on. And wont it be funny if post lockdown & Brexit they cant sell them because of no jobs.

  4. The Peninsula has been over developed already. The roads ( B2000) simply cannot take more traffic. I work 15 minutes from home and, if I leave a couple of minutes after my normal time, have to wait whilst maybe20/30 cars pass by. This is only going to get worse once The Redrow development is finished. Drs appointments when you need them, a thingofthe past. Our schools are oversubscribed, dental surgeries are oversubscribed for NHS. Why can Medway Council not approve redevelopment not new areas.
    During the lockdown the local field were the only place a lot of people could walk without being close. Gladman are still trying to get a minimum of250 houses agreed. Since they originally wanted 600 we know they will go over the lower number. They have been refused atvevety turn so far. Keep it that way. The Peninsula is being destroyed beyond recognition. It simply has to stop any improvements should be for the better of wildlife, environment and the health aspects of current residents. Not for more roads or houses.
    Continually allowing house building has to stop. There are plenty of areas that need “doing up” around the area. Or go elsewhere. Medway council either don’t care or are just plain greedy to not stop developments .

  5. 100% agree with the comments above.

    It seems scandalous that the residents on the peninsula are being kept in the dark and not allowed to know what Medway Council is planning for our area and community.

    Our community and way of life must be preserved for not be destroyed by decision makers who don’t appreciate the special nature of the peninsula

  6. In the 15 years I’ve lived here, I have seen a massive change to the area, so yes it is difficult to get a doctors appointment, and it only takes just one accident at four elms hill to completely gridlock the area being the only way o and off the hoo peninsula

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