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KMTV afforded me the opportunity today to comment on the growing problem that deliveries to and from the new Amazon site are causing.

I find it inconceivable that our new multi million pound  Amazon facility is restricting lorries from entering their site until they fit into a predetermined arrival window. Lorries are made to wait at random unplanned locations close to the site without a care for the welfare of the drivers.

Today I witnessed for myself the disruption and “mess” this is causing.  How crops in fields close to the site could be classified as unfit for human consumption because of the proliferation  of human excrement. How lorries parked for extended periods with engines still running are adding to  the already dangerous levels of atmospheric pollution.

We have been led to believe that this multi National Company would have positive impact on Hoo and the Peninsula as a whole. The opposite is nearer the truth.

I call on Amazon to take control of this unacceptable situation, clean up the mess and get a proper grip of the situation. I ask Medway Council why have they allowed this to happen?

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