Netting Hedgerows

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Make ‘netting’ hedgerows to prevent birds from nesting a criminal offence.

Developers, and other interested parties are circumventing laws protecting birds by ‘netting’ hedgerows to prevent birds from nesting.

This facilitates the uprooting of hedgerows which aid biodiversity and provide the only remaining nesting sites for birds, whose numbers are in sharp decline.

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‘Netting’ hedgerows threatens declining species of birds, presents a danger by entrapment to wildlife, and produces large amounts of plastic waste.

This is how Jeremy Vine responded to reports of ‘netting’ in preparation for hedgerow removal:

This is how the human race ends, everybody.

We cover hedges with nets.
We get permission to build flats because there are no birds.
Then we live in the flats and feel pleased that no birdsong wakes us in the morning.
Then we die.

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5 Replies to “Netting Hedgerows”

  1. it’s shameful the massive increase in this practice and Each year about 2,000 reports are made about wild birds trapped in or behind many different types of netting, with bird-deterrent netting a major cause, said the RSPCA.

    “Planning policy guidance recommends that any development that would affect wildlife should be done at the correct time of year, so we want to see developers delaying works until after the nesting seasons rather than using nets,”

  2. Netting should be banned. Hedgeroes have been used for hundreds of years and provide a good habitat for many species

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